Fashion Trends for Men

Men rarely feature in conversations about fashion, yet they control a huge chunk of the industry. If you are a man looking to embrace the latest trends, or you are a lady who wants to shop and style a special man, you should know that the trends have been changing.

Latest Fashion Trends

  • Loosening up: Gone are the days when men wore extremely tight skinny trousers, fitting blazers and shirts that looked like bodysuits. The latest trend is to loosen up. More men are now open to wearing wide-legged fits for both official and casual wear.
  • More colour: Forget the misconception that men should stick to neutrals. More men are now embracing colour in their attire, including shoes. It is quite common to see men in flowered shirts and bright coloured pants. Even though more colour is being embraced, the shift has been on minimalism especially when it comes to accessories such as jewellery.
  • Wearing knitwear: More men are now embracing knitwear. They are in constant pursuit of how to wear knitwear and pair it with other fashion items.
  • Functionality matters: The latest trend is that men no longer focus too much on how an item looks. Instead, they look at how functional it is. This explains why smartwatches have dominated men’s fashion and are replacing traditional watches.

The trick for men who want to embrace the latest fashion trends is to do more research. They should factor in things like whether they can afford a particular trend, how it matches with their lifestyle and personalities, and how accessible the item is. It always helps when men are willing to experiment with different fashion items until they find the one that works best for them.