Types of Fashion Trends

Fashion is constantly evolving. Even though there are always changes in the fashion industry, there are some trends that have remained over the years. They have continued to define fashion trends, and they influence how people make choices for their clothes, accessories and other fashion items. Most fashion influencers stay within the themes but play around with things such as colour, texture, shapes and designs.

Understanding Fashion Trends

  • Bohemian: This trend is also called boho fashion. It is influenced by the 1960s hippies. The bohemian fashion is made of earth tones, prints, dyes and heavy accessories. Some of the things that define this trend include slouchy handbags, bell-bottom pants, suede, maxi dresses and hats with large brims.
  • Sporty wear: As the name suggests, this is a form of clothing that bring together sporty fashion items such as sports shoes, gym wear, tights, biker shorts, and oversize shirts.
  • Casual wear: This is often regarded as easy wear that does not need a lot of thinking to put together. In most cases, it can be a comfortable pair of jeans, Tshirt, flat shoes, sporty wear, and other fashion items that are suitable for the weekend and not-so-serious situations.
  • Official/Classic wear: This is a term that is used to describe a style that is polished. They include what people would ordinarily wear at work, such as suits, blazers, pencil skirts, and khakis. The idea of wearing classic wear is to appear professional and serious. The accessories that go with casual wear are dainty and simple.
  • Streetwear: This is close to casual wear, but it has some definitive items like hoodies, sunglasses, caps, and such like. Streetwear is quite popular among younger people, but there are some elderly people who have used them to define their personal style.
  • Punk: The punk fashion trend is influenced by rocker styles of the 70s that were used by different subcultures. They include ragged jeans, fishnet stockings, dark accessories, skinny jeans, and such like attires. They tend to be adopted by people who want to represent their artistic nature.

These are some of the popular trends, but over the years, there are fashionistas who have found ways of combining the trends. For instance, it is now common to see people having casual pants (like jeans) and pairing it up with an official blazer. There are also people who have come up with their own fashion styles that do not fall within the popular trends. Do not feel obligated to follow the trends if you feel they will not properly define your personality. If you enjoy fashion, you should always keep up with what is happening in the news and follow some of the fashion icons who are likely to influence the fashion agenda.